What Is A Blank W9 Form?

Blank W9 Form 2022 – A W-9 form is an IRS (Internal Revenue Service) Tax Form used for confirming an individual’s name, TIN (taxpayer identification number), and address for employment and any other income-generating purpose. This confirmation is requested for an individual (defined as a U.S. citizen) or for people described as “resident aliens.”

Blank W9 Form 2022

Blank W9 Form 2022

The W-9 Form is also defined as a Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification form.

The Blank W9 Form is one of the official forms that the IRS furnishes for entities or employers to verify and certify the addresses, names, and tax identification numbers of the individuals receiving an income.

The information derived from the Blank W9 Form is most often used for generating a 1099 Tax Form. The 1099 Tax Form is required to file for income tax purposes. Information collected by the entity on the W-9 Form is not allowed to be disclosed under any circumstances or for any other purposes, under stringent privacy regulations.

Who Is Allowed To File Form W-9: Request For TIN (Taxpayer Identification) And Certification?

The W-9 Form is a written request only used for collecting information with the sole purpose of confirming an individual’s TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number). An entity or an employer requested to file informational documents with the IRS, including Form 1099, is required to obtain the correct TIN of each employee to report on any losses or earnings that might affect the person’s taxable income federal tax return. For most people, the TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) will be their SSN, which stands for Social Security Number.

People defined as resident aliens are not specified as the IRS requires U.S. citizens to use the correct W-8 form rather than the standard W-9 form.

Form 1099 will only become a requirement if the “minimum” income threshold has been reached. For most “miscellaneous income,” this is currently set at $600 for the tax years from 2021 to 2022. Any amount under the threshold must still be reported as an “income” by the TIN holder but won’t require a 1099 Form.

Even though an employee is required legally to provide specific personal information or details to their employer, the employee’s privacy is still protected by particular laws. Employers who disclose personal information about an employee in an unauthorized way can face criminal or civil prosecution.

How to fill out a Form W9?

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